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When is the best time of the year?


The whole season is great from April until November because of the 14 different rivers there is always some fly fishing to be done no matter what the weather throws at us.

As far as the peak periods;

April, May, June, the first half of July, September and October have excellent fly fishing conditions.

How do I travel to Slovenia?


1 By car. 
The route to the village of Tolmin in Slovenia from most European countries is fairly straight-forward.  

You will be traveling on some excellent motorways and through some very interesting landscapes. 

The borders are all open so they won’t slow you down.


2 By airplane.
From most airports, there are daily flights departing to the Airport near Ljubljana in Slovenia as well as Trieste and Venice airport in Italy.

From there it is an hour to two-hour drive to the Soca valley.


When you come by airplane, I suggest to hire a rental car to be independent and flexible in your free time. 

How can I make a reservation?


Go to the contact page and fill in the requirements and other additional information. Fly fishing can be a very individual sport with different preferences and expectations. By letting me know in advance what you are looking for, I can plan the best places to take you to provide the best Soca-valley fly fishing experience possible. 




What kind of gear do I need?


For fly fishing in this area, you need to bring your own gear or you may rent it from us. 

A #5 weight 9 ft. rod suits most of the fishing.

To hunt the large marble trouts in the bigger rivers a #6-10 weight is more suitable. A #3 or #4 weight is suitable for the smaller streams up to 8.6 ft in length.

I suggest using floating weight forward fly lines.


9 ft. tapered monofilament 4x leader. Add fluorocarbon tippet between 4x to 6x extend to 11-12 ft.


Landing net:

A landing net with a rubber mesh is the right way to take the fish out of the water. 


What artificial flies are succesful?


Dry flies:

Caddis natural #12 #14. Best fly all season.

When there is something hatching we match the hatch. Mayflies in olive, cream, yellow, grey, rust, brown, and black size 14 to 18. CDC works well.

All season we have plenty of needle flies/small black stoneflies coming out. Especially when it's cloudy or rainy. Size 14, 16, 18. 

Red and black ants


For the fast waters of Soča and tributaries, they need to be with tungsten beads sizes 3, 3.5, and 4mm. Mostly 3.5mm is good in silver, black, nickel, and gold. For a calmer and slower Idrijca and tributaries 2mm to 3.5mm. Nymphs need to be skinny and orange hotspots or collars work well. The bugs themselve are mostly light colored and a bit transparent.


sculpins, wooly buggers or bait fish EP streamers 7,5 to 20cm in colors like white, grey, beige, black or combo of these colors.

entomology nymphs Soca idrijca Baca

What other equipment do I need?


Good polarized glasses are a must because we will be sight fishing. Amber-Yellow colored lenses are my preferred color. Breathable chest waders are best and you will also need a cap or hat and sunscreen.

Wading boots with a felt sole are still allowed in Slovenia. I personally prefer a rubber sole with tungsten carbide spikes/studs. Spikes are highly recommended for safer, quicker, and more stable walking from spot to spot. Be sure to have warm and water-resistant clothing, even in summer. Conditions can change quickly so it is always wise to have a rain jacket on hand. I recommend dull colors like grey/green. 

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