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The best Fly fishing guiding service for the Tolmin region of Slovenia. Fly fishing guide for wild Marble trout, grayling and rainbow trout with

a dry fly, nymph or streamer. Guided fly fishing in the Soca river valley. Fly fishing guide for the Soca, Idrijca, Baca, Tolminka, Tebuscica, Ucja, Koritnica, Lepena, Nadiza, Kneza, Cerknica, Kanomljica and Bela river. All inclusive guided fly fishing and stay packs, Extreme fly fishing in the wildest canyon stretches, fly fishing and technique lessons, fly fishing on the lake of Most na Soci from

 the boat, fly fishing equipment rental and more...



Please, feel free to send me any of your questions and requests through the information on this page below.

Since I'm behind the water, I apologize, it might take

a day or so before I will get you an answer.

Don't worry, I will take care of your request.


For guiding requests please inform me with: 

1: Name(s) and age of fishermen(s)

2: Date(s) for guiding 


Please add any other important information

and/or requirements.


Thank you and see you in Slovenia!


Lesly Janssen 

+386 (0) 41 23 20 18

Please write in English or Dutch if possible.

A response can come in your Junk/spam mailbox. Please check this regularly. 

+386 (0) 41 23 20 18

Thank you! The message is delivered

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