My name is Lesly Janssen, the locals call me "Lesko".

I am a member and a fly fishing guide for the fly fishing club of Tolmin (RD Tolmin). 


I am 35 years old, come from the Netherlands and have been fly fishing for 23 years.

More than half of that time has been exploring and learning the rivers of the Soca valley in Northwest Slovenia.


I have also sought out and fished many rivers in Austria, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Colorado, in the United States.  additionally, I fish Tenkara, tie flies, shoot and edit photos and film.



My name...

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My story...



From the first moment I found the rivers of Northwest Slovenia I fell in deep love with the entire area surrounding the village of Tolmin. It was the impressive nature, the people, the pristine and wild rivers, 

the challenging sight fishing and the unique arsenal of fish

species that caught me!


Since my first visit, I haven't left as my intrigue for the land has 

kept me exploring. Now I've seen it all and know it better than

my own pocket. I just love the sight fishing more than anybody

else I know.


A few years later into my Slovenian discoveries I started with

the guiding service HookedonSlovenia.com to guide for the fishing

club of Tolmin. I later joined the Soca fly shop with my guiding services until early 2016, when I began my own journey again as SLO-FLY.COM





What I do...

I specialize in sight fishing and have mastered the medium-sized rivers and canyon stretches of rivers including Soca, Tolminka, Ucja, Trebuscica etc. My favorite method is upstream fishing and catching wild Marble trout in the first cast. 


My goal is to make your trip easier and successful by sharing my knowledge about the area, rivers and fishing spots.

I will teach you numerous fishing tricks on how to have success with the Marble trout and other species on lighter gear with dry flies, nymphs and small streamers.


To protect our beautiful fish I practice Catch & Release fishing only!

My local Slovenian guiding partners...

All of my three local partners are from the Soca valley and are highly experienced fly fishermen. They started their fishing careers when they were kids. They are members and fly fishing guides of RD Tolmin. All of them know the rivers, the fish, the local ways of fly fishing and have their own styles, skills and special fishing tricks from which you will benefit.

All of them are experts for fishing in the main rivers like the Soca, Idrijca, Baca as well as fishing from the boat on the lake of Most na Soci. 


They have a nice unique character, a strong personality and besides that, they all are a big source of any information about Slovenia, the culture, the history, the local habits and the way of living here.

Their international language skills are English, Italian, Russian and a bit of German.


In these guys I trust and I am 100% sure that you will have a great and memorable time on the water with each of them.




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